DON’T FORGET that the Live Chat sessions will begin 12 noon Today – June 16, 2016




Thursday, June 16, 2016 – 12pm to 3pm EST
Host: Shauna Sciacca, BA B.Ed, Health Promotion Educator, Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association

Click the link to join: is the result of a funding grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation in response to a need for resources for Adult Influencers of youth in regards to health and wellness. This specific website is an outlet for any adult influencers seeking information for youth. Various topics will be covered through downloadable resources, live chat sessions and webinars. Visitors will also have the ability to post questions to our online forum for discussion.

As part of our commitment to the continuum of care, we will make every effort to provide contact information for local and regional professionals and services to assist both influencers and youth. By providing proper information and access to professionals who can answer questions can be extremely beneficial to youth.

Please note: If you are contacting us when a live chat representative is offline, you will have the opportunity to post a confidential message.  Our team will respond at their earliest convenience

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